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Mimex committed with REACH

MIMEX S.A.U. is committed with the safety of products and the fulfilment of our duties according to REACH:

  • Currently we have contacted with our suppliers and other stakeholders in the supply chain to determine their wills of pre- registering and later on obtaining the registration number of the pertinent chemical substances with the purpose of continuing with the delivery of products.
  • Compliance with the new rules of Material Safety Data Sheets supplied to our customers according to the REACH and (EC) No 1272/2008 regulations.

We have an extensive experience in REACH. We offer a full technical consulting service in REACH directive, which includes the following phases:

  • Identification of the product or products affected by the regulation.
  • Development of Material Safety Data Sheets according to REACH and (EC) Nº 1272/2008 regulations.
  • Determination of the degree of affectation and definition of the registration process
  • Late pre-registration.
  • Only representative to the ECHA to manage the register of substances in case of being companies outside the EU.
  • Development and management of the common dossier of registration. (Joint submission report)
  • Management of the supply chain.
  • Labelling and GHS (Global Harmonized System) classification.

If you have any enquiry related to REACH legislation, please contact us.

Reach information

On the 13th December 2006 the European Parliament gave green light to the new REACH regulation on chemical substances.

REACH , acronym for the words Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals, was presented by the European Commission on October 2003 in order to replace more than forty legislative texts.

The new regulation came into force the 1st June 2007 with the purpose of simplifying and improving the previous legislative framework concerning chemical substances in the EU. The aim of REACH is to improve public health and the environment through a better and earlier identification of the properties inherited to chemical substances.

With REACH the industry will acquire now the highest responsibility to manage the risks that those substances may create in relation to health and environment. Manufacturers and importers will be obliged to identify and deal with those risks related to the produced substances and their markets. For substances produced or imported in one or more tons per year by each individual or legal entity , either manufacturers or importers will have to prove that it has been done adequately through the registration dossier which will have to be presented to the ECHA in Helsinki.

The Regulation foresees also the progressive replacement of the most hazardous chemical substances when proper alternatives have been identified.

Additional information regarding REACH can be found in the following web pages: European chemical agency

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